What is Escape Room?

Escape Room Imatra is interactive real life game, where 2-4 person try to escape from locked room in 60 minutes. For succesful escape you have to be creative – get through fun tasks by solving puzzles. Co-working is needed to achieve your goal in the Room.

Escape room has been popular genre in computer and application games for years. Now they are breaking through in real life. First finnish Escape room opened in 2014 and nowadays there are tens of them all over the country. Escape Room Imatra is city’s first real life game.


If you like
excitement, puzzles, riddles, crosswords, sudokus, Rubik’s cubes, macarons, board games, pc games, console games, games, theatre, art, concerts, water, action movies, cleaning or something else, escape room is for You!

Friends and work groups
Do you have good team, but nothing to do? Try something new and step into escape room’s challenge. You will get great experience and something to talk about for many weeks. Escape room suits well also to new groups, when you are finding your role in group.


Adults and children are basicly on same level in escape room. Some puzzles are to complicated for youngest children but they might notice something that adults don’t see. Children under 15 years are welcome with adult.

Parties and celebration

Escape room is fun experience because everyone have feelings of success. Escape room is popular bachelor party activity. Ask about personal modification. We can add photos, pictures and names in room. Remember that you are not allowed to play drunken.

Imatra has lot to offer for tourists, waterfall, rapids, forests, beautiful nature etc. Escape Room is something totally different. When you want to forget presens and concentrate 100% to survive out of game you go escape room.

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